I always wanted to travel across the globe but the problem was I didn’t know where to start. I had the impression that vacations and travel was for the rich folks not for us with day to day routine to make that dollar count. being a student on campus pursuing a hotel&management degree with the hope this will enable me to make my dream come true. Only to realize I was living a lie after reading some articles by experienced travelers. At first it seemed like a joke but later discovered I can travel on a budget. The next thing I was on the road trying to live my best and ready for a new adventure.someone once said “YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE”so I took my chance.I sampled some of the travel bloggers for you to check out their work hoping to inspire someone out there with the urge to seek adventure.


She is a finance analyst. Having started her first travel at the age of 12 .She is a storytelling traveler who focuses on exploring Africa so far She has traveled to five African countries .She also organize girls trips .Her mission is to help travelers travel Africa and beyond on a budget.



This travel blog is posted by Caroline Achieng. She started international travel at the age of 6. She highlights varies experiences she undergoes as a female black African Christian traveler. She is passionate about foodie, travel and human rights activist. Her blogs have much information from budget travel, experience for a traveler to expect and the necessary documents required.



This traveler I have shared some platforms with her from Nairobi and Kenya Couchsurfing.She is passionate about traveling and full of life,I just love her stories .We have done nature walk with her and chilled at game nights but trust me she is a big deal whenever travel ideas are shared.She is a major in human resource practitioner, who fell in love with travel and food.She mostly showcase affordable food and to travel across Kenya and other destinations.Her blogs include detailed information her trips.



He describes himself as an average Kenyan dude having traveled as an adult for close to 15 years on two feet, two wheels, two wings, and four wheels, what an introduction right….this blogger knows where to stay, camp and the experience having traveled through the vast Kenya camping sites from Mandera to Serengeti and Kisumu to the Kenyan coast.



This blogger is called Maureen charlotte bt popularly referred to as MO .She began her travel passion way back when she was battling with Depression that forced her to move away from her comfort zone forcing her to make her first trip to Ethiopia that made her fall in love with travel. This trip made er grew the urge to live by the road experiencing new adventure and visit new places fo more adventure. She started a blog to showcase the various trips she did to ease her venture.


Eva describes herself as a globe traveler who has been to more countries than she can remember. Her blogs are full of knowledge in travel, where to eat and the best suitable apps for travelers around the globe. She also highlights travel hacks to use when traveling for the best prices and affordable accommodations.



This blog is by Leo he shares backpacking tips, travel planning and destination advice to help travelers travel better in Kenya, Africa and around the globe. I once used his travelers guide across the Kenyan coast; that later turned to be useful in my safari thus making much out of it.



Macharia Njunguna is a wanderlust who has a passion for traveling and adventure. He aims to learn new experiences away from home with people from different backgrounds and cultures. His work ranges from creative photography as seen from people different eyes; capturing the reality of nature &life either from the office or our day to day hustle to make ends meet.



This blog is a by a solo traveler who claims to be a confirmed adrenaline juckie with an explained urge for adventure if not in the village talking to the locals, out in the forest looking for amazing waterfalls or asking by the sunset at the beach.she is defiantly out there looking for adventure for her next surprise us with next adventure.



Eliud Ndungu is a part-time adventure travel blogger who has been exploring Kenya for over 6 years. He was once nominated for bake awards. His blogs consist of entertaining stories, useful travel tips, amazing photography and crazy adventures.

Honorable MENTIONS

  • Kenyatalii
  • wanjiku Njenga
  • lady with a map
  • torik diaries
  • fun travel ke
  • Aidan safaris
  • Kenyan girl
  • Travelstartke
  • Natalie Tewa
  • magical Kenya
  • Njokithenomad

if you have any other blogger who you think deserves to be on this list you can share your idea in the comment section below.


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